I hope that you will enjoy reading “lessons from Monday Night Yoga“. I have learned so much over the past 7-8 years at The Shanti Yoga Center, and it doesn’t matter how many times I hear the same thing over and over, the lesson continues to grow and broaden.

This week we discussed about our personal growth and how when we are on the verge of big growth in our lives, it can feel really uncomfortable and confining. This confinement is the threshold for our own personal growth.

It is said that according to The Polynesians, the world began when their creator Taaora woke up to find himself growing inside a shell. He stretched and broke the shell and the earth was created. He continued to grow until he found himself inside another shell that he had to break through and the moon was created. He kept growing until he had to break through another shell and the stars were created.

We each grow in this life by breaking through successive shells. We come to a point in our growth where we find ourselves confined, we feel like we have no room and that we must break through our own shell in order to be born anew.

Life becomes a living of who we are until that form of self can no longer hold us. Each form serves its purpose for a time until we grow and they no longer serve us.

Quote: “From the beginning,

the key to renewal has been shedding,